Create Extra Income From Your Craft Hobby

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Many of us like to build crafts. I for one have a hobby of making things for myself and other people. One of my daughters is also really great at coming up with neat crafts for herself and relatives. Actually all of her Christmas presents are genuine crafts she made herself, that are created especially for the person she’s giving it to as a gift.

Looking at the other side of the cookie, there are many people who love these types of crafts, from decorated picture frames to decorated jewelry and keepsake boxes and more. People flock to craft shows, flea markets and small town craft and antique stores to purchase these unique items.

Since you create them, they are one of a kind items that can’t be bought anywhere else. They are worth more since they are not created in batches of hundreds of thousands by some factory in China. They are your hand made creation.

Now how can you turn those one of a kind creations into some extra income? There are many ways and I will add more and more in more articles as time goes by but for now here are a few suggestions.

EBay: You can post your hand built craft on eBay and sell it in an auction. You can set the minimum price so you at least get back any money you spent on supplies for building the one of a kind item. In your item description, make sure you build up your item and make sure people know what it took to build by hand and what an exclusive item it is. You never know, you may hit upon the next cabbage patch kid doll craze or even beany babies. That’s kind of how they started.

Craft Stores: A lot of craft stores sell products created by just plain old folk like you and me. You take your items in there and the store will sell them for you for a percentage of the monies collected. some call this consignment shops. There are some craft stores that will outright buy them from you and sell them in your shop. You can pick which stores and types of deals you want since it is all up to you. It’s your product and you can sell it how you like.

Flea Markets: This does require a lot of your weekend time in most cases but the rewards can be terrific. You must have a lot of crafts already built and ready to sell for this sales model though if you really want to make sales. You could setup a display item and take orders but most people are impulse shoppers and will only buy it if they can get it right now. you are better off having some already created and ready for sale.


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